Schedule Change at Irvine Studio

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Dear Yogis,

Beginning next Tuesday, March 26th, the 5:30 pm Radiant Hot 80 changes to Radiant Hot 60 at our Irvine Studio.

The Radiant Hot 60 class is accessible to everyone, beginners and experienced students alike, regardless of your flexibility or level of fitness. Be prepared to shed pounds, decrease stress, detoxify the body and feel amazing! Looking forward to seeing you on your mat!

Your Radiant Hot Yoga Family.

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Tuesday, (3/26/2019) at 5:30 pm

Radiant Hot 60
with Izzy A.

Your amazing teacher Izzy A.

I have been practicing yoga on and off for 6 years, trying different styles of yoga and new studios but nothing ever stuck with me until I found Radiant. Yoga has gotten me through many struggles physically and mentally. I find peace and acceptance every time I come to my mat. Also, having been a daily runner since 6 years old, yoga has helped me through injuries and pains from my running….