Interview with Jamie M. | RHY student spotlight | How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life

How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life... Interview with Jamie

What made you try yoga? What made you continue to practice regularly?

“My first time to practice yoga was at Radiant. My best friend had recently lost her son and was looking for a place of healing. I was simply looking for a good workout. Little did I know what I was in store for. I noticed results in my body, but i also noticed results in my mind and inner self. It turns out i was in need of some healing too. In my busy life of mom, full time employee, wife and friend, i had forgotten to work on me and I had forgotten to take care of myself. I realized that the moments during the day when I came to my mat, emotions that I didn’t know existed within myself were broken open and given a chance to be mended. I let go of my many anxieties and realized that burdens of everyday life are forgotten for that little bit. After 7 months, my heart is lighter, my smile wider, my inner being a litter more radiant….not to mention my body toned!!” – Jamie M.

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What makes Radiant Hot Yoga so special?

“The teachers at Radiant are some of the most loving and genuinely caring people I have ever been around. Not only do you get to surround yourself with them, they also guide you through your practice. The teachers also take time during class to adjust your poses as needed to better your practice. They ALL have open hearts and open minds and greet you with a smile when you walk in the door. This kind of warmth and love is exactly what people need and crave in a world often full of rushed, non smiley individuals.” – Jamie M.

Why should everyone try hot yoga?

”Hot yoga is so unique from any other workout i’ve tried. Its so challenging for your breathe, your body and your mind to work together and stay focused through the moves with the combination of the heat. Once you master the breathe and movement with the heat, you feel such an accomplishment and your body and mind feel amazing. The classes are a combination of meditation, focus and also fun flows that we do with club like beats blaring in the background. It’s such a fun, combination class. I get relaxation, challenge, sweat, burn, release, and healing that I’ve never received from any other workout.” – Jamie M.


What advice do you have for new students?

”Stick with it. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t be intimidated. The most important thing I learned when i first began is that there is no judgement or competition in class. It is simply you on your mat doing something for yourself. You are there for yourself, no one else. Some of the poses take 2 months to get down, others took me 6 months to finally do. Some of this stuff is not easy, it’s a challenge, that’s what we want right? Finally, have fun! This is just yoga. Let yourself just be and you’ll be truly amazed at the transformation you see within yourself.” – Jamie M.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

”I have 2 favorites, both balancing poses. First is standing head to knee because it took me 6 months to finally get it down. When I work for something so hard for so long and finally get it, it feels so good and I can’t wait to do it again! Now during class i look forward to the balancing series. My second is standing bow because it is such a beautiful, strong posture. It requires so much focus and energy and when you watch someone from the side nailing this pose, it’s truly beautiful.” –  Jamie M.


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