Interview with David P. | September, 2014 | Radiant Hot Yoga student spotlight

How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life... Interview with David P.

When did you first start doing yoga?

I had done regular yoga a couple times in the past at the gym but never felt much traction for it until I started going to Radiant Hot Yoga about half way through April 2014.” – David P.


How has yoga changed your life? (your mood, body, stress level, etc)

I started coming to Radiant during a tough time in my life. I was in the midst of losing the woman I considered to be a second mother to me and it seemed as if the world was shrinking and crashing around me.

RHY brought me back and helped me to center myself again. Some people look at yoga and see the crazy moves that people are doing, doubting you have the strength, and then adding so much heat to the scenario is hard to even fathom. The strength in my poses get better with each passing day and class, but the best thing I have learned so far is breathing.

Breathing is your life source, and I, like many others, are taking that for granted. If you think to all the beautiful moments in your life and how you really appreciate everything around you, you’ll usually find yourself breathing in deeper and really noticing your breath. Why don’t we try to notice our breath as much as possible? It helps you to relax, have a deeper experience, and enjoy what you are doing.

RHY changed my life by teaching me that every moment is worth a deep breath and a deep appreciation for anything and everything around you and in your life.” – David P.

Why do you think everyone should try hot yoga?

When I first decided to try hot yoga I was there mostly for the physical aspect of it and was blown away by the emotional and spiritual aspects. That feeling stuck with me through each class and even for a few hours afterwards. Learning how to truly connect every breath, movement and being conscious of all of it is beauty beyond words.

Trying something new is always going to be hard at first but when you see videos or you falling down as a child while trying to walk, falling off your bike, learning how to drive, or just obstacles at school or work, I doubt you would look back on some, if any, of those things and wish you hadn’t tried hard to improve yourself in those areas.

Hot yoga is just another one of those things, but I truly believe that the emotional and spiritual aspect of hot yoga is too amazing to make excuses as to why you shouldn’t try it.” – David P.

What makes Radiant Hot Yoga so special?

The entire establishment, as soon as you walk in the door, is inviting, warm and you already start to feel the stress melt away. You are greeted with a warm smile and an enthusiasm as if you are a friend and it has been forever since the last time you saw each other.

Each instructor has an energy, love and passion with every word they speak in class and you feel and embrace every bit of it. It’s enlightening how you can feel so much energy and total relaxation at the same time, but that is the way hot RHY works if you clear your mind and breathe in and out of every movement.

Radiant Hot Yoga has the family atmosphere that makes it hard to not come every day, hard to leave and the people are incredible.

Whether instructors, staff or YIT(yogis in training) everyone seems to have a positive energy about them that you feel as soon as you walk in the door and feel the layover of after you leave. I have fallen in love with Radiant Hot Yoga and am forever grateful for each and everyone in that studio.

Once again I will state that I feel Radiant Hot Yoga really saved me and keeps me smiling with each passing day.



What advice do you have for new students who want to try hot yoga?

Don’t ever feel you have something to prove, you are failing for falling, shaking while in a pose, or just laying down to take break when you need it.

Remember that the hardest part, for many things in life, is just showing up. I’ve spent classes making it through no problem, taking extra breaks, or just laying down on my back the whole class.

The biggest thing about yoga is learning and becoming connected within yourself, and everyone’s journey to get there is different from one day to the next. Remember to breathe and stay confident within yourself no matter where your practice leads you each day.

Give it a chance and I am confident that you won’t regret it.” – David P.

What is your favorite posture and why?

I really love Warrior 1.

It’s one of the most powerful and grateful poses for me. Shinning my heart and chest, reaching and looking up as if to say thank you for the life within me, and trying to radiate that energy and love out to share with the abundance of life around me.” – David P.

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