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Radiant Hot Yoga’s November Gratitude Challenge

Complete 20 Yoga Classes In 20 Days

The month of November is all about GRATITUDE.

During this uncertain period, it is even more important we feel grateful for even the smallest things.

Feel GRATEFUL for: your strength, emotions, happiness, life, family, your mind and your body.

Learn to appreciate these virtues with Radiant Hot Yoga’s November Gratitude Challenge.

Complete 20 Classes and RECEIVE EXTRA 10% off upcoming Black Friday Deals.

Accept the challenge. Make gratitude a state of mind.

Complete the challenge and you will transform your body and expand your heart.

No matter for how many days of the challenge you are able complete, the benefits of abundant for all who decide to participate!

A few of the great benefits of the Challenge

  • Burn over 1,000 calories a class! Shed the pounds away
  • Great cardiovascular workout
  • Become stronger and more flexible
  • Stress Reduction
  • Toned muscles
  • Stabilized food cravings
  • Detoxification
  • Improved energy
  • Reduced pain and stiffness
  • A better nights rest
  • Better digestion
  • A peaceful state of mind
  • A great sense of accomplishment
  • Be prepared to take on the world

Cannot complete all 20 classes?

Missed a day or more in the hot room?

You can still receive the EXTRA 10% DISCOUNT on Black Friday Deals, if you complement your days of challenge with post on Social Media (Facebook or Instagram) how Radiant Hot Yoga has changed, healed your life, strengthen you or has brighten your life in some way.

Social Media Posts need to be detailed and heartfelt and must tag Radiant Hot Yoga and mention a teacher who staff member who you are grateful for.

*You will need to upload as many posts as many days you missed from the challenge.

*You need to do a minimum of 10 classes in 20 days, otherwise you will not be eligible for our special promo.

Sign up now in 2 simple steps!
  1. Sign up on the board at the studio.
  2. Be sure to mark the board every time you practice.
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