Irvine Studio News: Schedule Changes

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Dear Yogis,

Beginning this Wednesday (8/7/2019) we are:

Looking forward to seeing you on your mat.

Your Radiant Hot Yoga Family.

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Wednesday 8/7/2019 at 8:30 PM

Looking forward to seeing you on your mat.

Your amazing teacher Rucky “ruKus” McKinley

Rucky’s interest in yoga started many years ago when he started classes with his mother. Yoga has become a regular part of Rucky’s fitness regimen, helping him condition for the demands of dance and fitness. Ruk found his yoga “home” at Radiant Hot Yoga in 2017 and quickly became more connected with both his practice and the special RHY community. Realizing he had found something truly special at RHY, in 2018 Ruk decided to become a yoga instructor in an effort to deepen his own practice and to share his passion for yoga and fitness with his yoga community.