Interview with Clare B. | June, 2015 | Radiant Hot Yoga student spotlight

How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life... Interview with Clare B.

What benefits were you hoping to receive from your yoga practice?

I was involved in athletics when I was younger, but it had been a while since I’d found something that motivated me to keep coming back. I realized that the best process for me was being in a class and having someone to guide me.

I also wanted a form of exercise that toned my body and worked me from the inside out, rather than just built up muscle, and hot yoga has been the ultimate workout!

I have super tight hips and shoulders, and it is only through hot yoga that I feel I can get a full body workout and feel great after.” – Clare B.


How has yoga and your practice exceeded your expectations?

I can’t even describe it – I’m definitely addicted! If I miss a day of class, I feel like something is absent from my day, and I have come to crave the heat and the openness it allows.

Coming to Radiant has truly become just as much a part of my routine as going to work. I have battled with running injuries off and on, and the best healing has come from consistent practice – yoga is my physical therapist.

It has motivated me in other exercise as well – I have always wanted to complete a half marathon, and with the self-motivation encouraged in class, I was able to take that to the road to train myself and finally complete a few races last year.” – Clare B.

How has yoga benefitted you off the mat?

Yoga has taught me that it’s okay to slow down – take a break to breathe and reboot. I have a hard time not going full force in everything I do, but there are certainly times my body has needed me to slow and I have ignored it.

Now, I don’t feel guilty taking breaks from activities in my life that may not be the best benefit, and try to ensure I am respecting both my body and my mental health. It is so true that each day is different, and I have started to notice how my behavior off the mat impacts my classes, and have made adjustments so that I get the most out of my practice.” – Clare B.


Do you notice a change in your physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual body from a regular yoga practice?

Absolutely – I have definitely become more toned, and more in tune with the mind/body connection. I have taken note of how my behaviors can make for a really great or a not so great class – if I have to take a lot of breaks I really try to focus on why. I sleep better, my eating habits have become so much healthier, and I find myself talking about how awesome yoga is to everyone around me.” – Clare B.


Have you tried other styles of yoga? What makes Radiant Hot Yoga your preferred place of practice?

I did Bikram for about a year when I first started yoga, and I have hopped around to other hot yoga studios, but have never felt as great as I do here at Radiant. Between the incredible heat, the energetic flows, and the amazing teachers, I couldn’t ask for a better environment for my daily workout. I can’t imagine being part of any other yoga family!” – Clare B.

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