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Tuesday Night Kids Yoga (non-heated)

ages 6 – 12

Come and give your children the gift of yoga (non-heated) while you enjoy your own 80 minute Tuesday night hot yoga class.

Yoga will strengthen their mind, body and soul as well as calm their fears and anxieties. Help to begin their practice at an early age so that they can be more empowered for what life brings them. It’s a great way to introduce your child to inner peace and the mind body soul connection.


Tuesday Nights Kids Yoga

Time, Place and Price

Shelby Torresse

Your teacher, Shelby Torresse

Growing up practicing heated Ashtanga with my mom, I was thrust into the world of yoga that highlighted self-awareness, as well as meticulousness and flexibility. While I am grateful for my yoga upbringing, I know that power vinyasa classes are not the best place for a child to start. When I stumbled upon Little Peeps Yoga I knew I had to be involved. With the intentions of mindfulness, compassion, and self-love, I couldn’t be more excited to teach those lessons through stories and games and yoga poses rather than cut and dry, verbally as a typical adult class would. With my free-spirit and bubbly attitude, I can’t wait to share back bends + laughter with all of our Little Peeps.


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