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The Remembering, with Michael Brian Baker

Breath Workshop


Within minutes be on a journey into the heart and to heal your darkest shadows, discover your greatest potential, and experience the miracle of unconditional love.

Be welcomed and guided into a meditative environment that quiets the mind and soothes the senses. Lay down, cover your eyes and breathe.


Event details

Date: Friday, May 22, 2015

Time: 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Cost: $75.00

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Limited space available. Please register in advance.

Michael Brian Baker BIO

Closing-PrayerMichael Brian Baker is a student of compassion and humility and the founding member of The Breath Center. He travels extensively facilitating groups and individuals in the realization of self-mastery through somatic release, breathwork, and natural plant-based detox. He supports people in their own growth, freedom, and discovery of the bodies innate intelligence to heal from within. Michael has extensive experience as a keynote speaker representing the conscious and healing arts communities and is known for restoring profound hope and intimacy in large group settings.

His humanitarian efforts served the underprivileged populations by developing “not for profit” volunteer-based outreach programs. He has implemented Eastern holistic, healing modalities in Western medical treatment settings. Michael’s current home base as a teacher of the oral traditions and arts practitioner is in Ojai, California.

He holds certifications from Upledgers Suzanne Scurlock Durrana HFTC L1, HT levels 1 through 4 David Elliott, C.H.A.P Certification – Wendy Allamby C.HT,AACP and Medicine Wheel – Dream Time interfaced with the Four Winds Society. He is an ever expanding student focusing on the philosophy of Yogic theories and their impact on those who suffer with chronic illness.

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“‘The Remembering 2015’ falls nothing short of spectacular! A group transformation that elicits deep healing blending breath, shamanism, and kriya yoga. Not to be missed! An up and coming feature at any festival worth its salt.”

– Zoe Kors, Managing Editor LA YOGA Magazine –

“There’s no limit to what working with the breath can accomplish… my own first hand experiences with this natural healing method have convinced me that breathing well may be the master key to good health. I recommend breath work to all my patient”

– Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D –

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