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Dance OM Workshop


Dance Om Workshop

Saturday, July 25th 2015
7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

“Heal your emotional wounds
Connect with your spiritual self
Reach higher states of consciousness
Unite with your sexuality.”

Combining years of experience in both dance and teaching yoga, Dance OM fuses yoga asana, tantra yoga, world music, combining numerous forms of electrifying dance to create this special union called Dance OM.

You will learn specific movement and body awareness techniques, as well as embracing your sensuality. Discover sexual self-expression through conscious movement and how to reconnect to your body’s wisdom. You will unleash your own personal dance!

Come explore the various energies embodied in every being, through different forms of dance, based on the chakras and the art of seduction. Allow yourself to be guided through an erotic, divine journey of conscious dance!

Date and place


Radiant Hot Yoga
1200 Bison Ave, C-1 Newport Beach, Ca 92660


$65 / person*
$100/ couple*
please register at the front desk
*no nudity, both men and women are welcome

For sign-ups and additional information please inquire at front desk or via email:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 949-706-YOGA(9642)

Jennelle’s bio

jennelle-gordon-profile-pic My name is Jennelle Gordon and it is my honor to introduce you to the beauty of Tantra Yoga through Dance OM. I have a love for travel and have lived on many different continents as well as traveled vigorously throughout the world. The closest place I would call home is Texas. Growing up as a pastor and missionary’s daughter, I felt very repressed in certain areas of my life. Dance was a form of expression, release and purging of the dogmatic restraints that were placed on me. I started on my yoga journey of healing and this lead me to teaching yoga all over the world.

I decided to move to a tantric community in Thailand, where I committed almost a year of my life, studying tantra and becoming a tantric teacher. In this time, I developed a unique blend of erotic dance, tantra, yoga and world music called Dance OM where I facilitate a place for women and men to heal emotionally, sexually and spiritually as well as tap into their Divine spiritual strength.

After becoming pregnant, I found myself back in the United States, with a new sense of responsibility. I moved into a loving community here in Newport, at Radiant Hot Yoga, birthed my son and began to integrate all I have learned into my new life. My journey has led me to this path now where I travel around the world, giving workshops and teaching people how to encompass their emotional, sexual and spiritual energy into something sacred and Divine.

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