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Breath workshop with Adham

Welcome to The art of Breathing

Your breath is a powerful tool you may access at anytime, and with the proper understanding and technique you will learn how to use your breath to get into deeper states of meditation, higher states of consciousness and become more connected to your yoga practice. Immerse yourself in the healing waves of Sound Therapy for a transformational night. Led by Adham

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Your teacher, Adham

RHY-teacher-Adham-profile-picThe workshop will be led by Adham.Adham was born in The Kingdom of Jordan, and made his way to California in 2013 to practice pharmacy. While The Middle East offers a sophisticated cultural diversity for mind and body nourishment, the absence of psycho-spiritual realm was the cause of all imbalance that Adham recognized! For years, Adham followed spiritual teachers and studied their teachings, in an attempt to find the ultimate balance that we all thrive. However, this attempt never came to light until he met Darlene Dearen, who introduced him to yoga not only through the Asanas practice, or poses, but also opened the door wide for him to delve into it through 200 hours of Radiant Hot Yoga Teacher Training, which were a true practical application of what he theoretically learned. Only then, a true mind, body and soul connection took place within.

As Adham continued through his teacher training, he gained depth in the spiritual aspect of yoga practice, the unique narrative of Radiant Hot Yoga sequence, and the expansion of life force, or consciousness using the breath, those are few to count, as he has delved into his yoga practice and teaching, Adham allows a wave of creative empowerment to flow into what he does in order to touch countless others. If you ask him, he will tell you that creativity comes to life when you provide a space for a universal intelligence influx. As the Sufi master Hafiz expresses this “I am a hole in a flute that the Christ’s breath moves through. Listen to this music.”

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