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Treat Yourself and your Loved Ones to the Perfect Gifts

Special Offers Available
between February 12-16th, 2020

The best gift for health and well-being, THE GIFT OF YOGA, will enhance the quality of your loved ones’ life, bring them more peace and joy, get them in amazing physical shape while relieving stress.

Save Big Now on Family Membership

Family package includes at least 2, and up to 4 people, living under the same roof. Families that do yoga together share many joys and health benefits.

Now 10% off
Only $242 per month*

Regular price: $269

Take advantage of this special price!

*for a 12 month commitment.

Available at the Front Desk

Bring your friend FOR FREE*

In honor of Valentine’s Day on the February 14th you can BRING YOUR FRIEND FOR FREE* to any yoga class at both Studios.

Between February 12-16th you can BRING YOUR FRIEND FOR FREE* to any morning yoga class at Irvine Studio (545 AM, 815AM, 930AM and 1200PM).

* offer available for new students only.

Up to 20% OFF on Retail and Merchandise

15% Off

All Merchandise

20% Off


Don’t miss out on the Valentine’s Day Deals on Retail and Merchandise! Shop now!

*offers only available at the Front Desk

Build and Strengthen the Bonds of Your Relationship

The benefits of Yoga are abundant & are for everybody. Families who practice yoga together, stay together!

  • Creating shared moments
  • Learning to let go
  • Improving self-awareness & trust
  • Creates healthy balance
  • Enhances physical & emotional support
  • Become stronger and more flexible
  • Stress Reduction
  • Toned muscles
  • Detoxification
  • Improved energy
  • Reduced pain and stiffness
  • A better nights rest
  • Better digestion
  • A peaceful state of mind

Give the Gift of Travel!

You are offering more than just another beauty product or simple gadget that will be out of date in 6 months. With the Gift of Travel, you’re offering an experience that can last a lifetime.

Join us on a extraordinary 9 day experience as we journey through South Africa. This retreat is a once in a lifetime experience as you dive into the magical world of nature. You will be treated to a 5 star luxury experience from the moment you land in South Africa. Time to check this off your bucket list and experience the most amazing adventure of your life with the Radiant yoga family

Hurry Up! $800 off of any new signups!

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February Valentine’s Special Policy
Offers available only between February 12-16th, 2020.


The Radiant Hot Yoga Family
Treat Yourself and your Loved Ones to the Perfect Gifts

Special Offers Available between February 12-16th, 2020

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