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"You are confined only by the walls you build for yourself!"


RHY-Mike-Carolan-teacher-profile-picMike began his yoga journey when he took his first class 12 years ago. He liked yoga because of the inner peace that he found within his practice. Mike jumped from studio to studio, never calling one his home. But after his first class at Radiant, he knew this studio was different. He instantly connected with the teachers, the students, the physical workout, and the mental work in.

Mike has always had a passion for helping others and inspiring people to be the best version of themselves. He has spent countless hours throughout his life volunteering his time to help those less fortunate. His compassion for others motivated him to pursue his career as a firefighter. Mike has been a fireman with the LA County Fire Department for the last 10 years.

Mike had never considered becoming a yoga teacher until he started to practice at Radiant. Once he heard about the spring teacher training, he decided that he wanted to further deepen his practice and share his gift of helping others as a yoga teacher. Mike completed his 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification in the spring of 2015.

Mike’s classes are filled with energy and life, yet also calming and relaxing. He strives for balance in his classes, which he believes is an essential part of life. He uses inspiring and passionate words from his heart, which leave his students feeling uplifted and ready to take on the day.

Yoga has impacted Mike’s life both physically and emotionally. Physically, because yoga has helped to heal his body after years of leading an adventurous and active lifestyle. And emotionally, because Mike is able to release stress from his work and personal life, and to come back to his center.

Mike has an electric personality that radiates positivity. He wants nothing more than to share his passion and energy with others! Mike believes that our lives and personal journeys are all different, and we all need to accept and embrace one another’s differences. One of his favorite quotes is “you are confined only by the walls you build for yourself!” He encourages his students to step outside of their comfort zones and to live out their dreams.


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